What is reflectra®

The reflectra® effect

At first glance a regular textile, on second a bright shining piece of lifestyle! Seen in full daylight, caught by the headlights of a passing car or admired in the darkness of your favourite club, reflectra® always delivers a stunning performance.Find out how your product develops star-qualities: on a flashlight photo, in the sun or through artificial lights...
Reflective effects of a new generation!

Spot on!

Is your message well-thought and sophisticated? Do you have a clear defined idea of how it should appear to the audience? No problem! Because of the retro-reflexive characteristics of reflectra® transfers visibility stays crystal clear, even when viewed from a distance:

Out Of The Dark!

reflectra® in everyday life

Good visibility on the streets

Only textiles? Not for us!
reflectra® transfers don't only shine on usual garments: as a sticker, on advertising spaces, banners, flags or bags... whether transfered onto jeans, fabric or canvas... Creativity and groundbreaking ideas are just a design away, thanks to the endless possibilities of this print option!

Strong appearance

reflectra® products are comfortable in every surrounding: in the middle of a flood lit snowboard-track or a crowded football stadium with its bright lights. It is perfect for people who want an extra-boost to their visibility in a hectic city life, or as an individual fashion statement - Everything is possible! From simple colour combinations and retro prints with flash effect, to embellishments with rhinestones, flock and glitter, multi-color-designs...

Your product, your rules!

Material Composite

The reflectra® transfer foil is a thin, elastic foil, based on polyurethane. All basic materials used are ecologically inoffensive and free from PVC, softener and heavy metals. The ingredients we use for our products always meet the requirements of the Oekotex-norm. reflecra®transfers are A01-tested, ensuring that they are of the highest quality and offer good washing qualities. All reflectra®-processed textiles should be washed and ironed inside out.

Manual Handling

Depending on which reflectra® product you use, there are several manufacturing advices to be noticed, which can be checked on the following productsheets.
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Product Data Sheets

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