The reflectra® range of products

reflectra® products are as multifunctional as you are: Individual, flexible and readily adaptable to suit a variety of situations. Self-plot your designs, stitch, refine and transfer on demand...your imagination is the limit.

reflectra® Plotfoil

In terms of manual handling, the reflectra® Plotfoil is not much different from conventional flex foils. Because it is pre-laminated with a self-adhesive tape, the plot foil is fed into the plotter with the reflective side down. Therefore the vectorfile has to be mirrored before plotting. reflectra® Plotfoil is easy to cut with all common plotters. When using our product, your plotter blade won't lose its sharpness as quickly as with other reflexion foils

Economically and forward-thinking - That's how reflectra® works

Even the smallest designs can be plotted with ease. After weeding, the cutted foil will be transfered at 165 - 185°C and a pressure of 3,5 bar for 15 seconds. The tape can be removed in warm or cold conditions straight afterwards, preferably in running direction of the fabric. We recommend that you give the transfer a 5-sec- ond-repress. For best results, make sure to do a test run!

reflectra® Plotfoil Scratch

reflectra® Plotfoil Stone

reflectra® Plotfoil Star

reflectra® Stitchfoil

reflectra® Stitchfoil can be used as an applique in every embroidery and sewing machine. Usability is simple:
  • First remove the protection on the back of the foil.
  • Now the foil back needs a layer of spray adhesive to be placed on the textile with the reflecting side up.
  • The design can be fixated with a simple running stitch and a thin satin stitch
  • After stitching, dispensable foil parts can be removed by hand or weeding tool.
  • Now the reflectra® Stitchfoil can be permanently fixed on the textile with a heat transfer press.

Transfer settings: Temperature 165-185°C / Pressure: 3,5 bar / Time: 15 Seconds.
Please cover the stitch foil with teflon before transferring.

reflectra® Designfoil

Do you love your design and want to admire it on different surfaces?

It's easy with our progressive production standard. We are happy to produce your design as a reflectra® Designfoil on demand! Your own logo or pattern, produced as a plot or stitch foil, combined with classy effects like glitter or rhinestones - there are no limits with reflectra®!

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us, so we can develop an individual solution together.

reflectra® Sensation

It’s not Magic – it’s reflectra® SENSATION!

Add a new dimension to your products! Combine your Direct-to-Garment and Digital Prints, Flex- or Flock foils with reflectra® SENSATION.

The latest addition to our range of special foils rests almost invisibly on top of the garment before it unfolds its sensational effect when illuminated.

The film when applied to textiles is hard to notice in normal light, but is activated and boosted into life when in contact with direct light or flashes from cameras or smart phones. The effects are stunning. Seconds ago just another textured background, suddenly your own individual custom design.